Beware of scams

Scammers who steal/impersonate our photos and videos without permission are continuously being caught.
They use stolen photos/videos (photos and videos of really pretty little dogs) to trick you with ridiculously low prices.
And they will either take the money and cut off contact, or send you a completely different puppy.
(They usually just take the money and run away.)

The reason so many people fall for these scams is because all young puppies are small, cute, and adorable.
Unless you are in a puppy management profession (related to puppy breeding),
you cannot predict what the puppy will grow up to be like.

Ordinary people can never predict what size a puppy will grow up to be or what face it will have.
Because things that are not visible on the outside must also be checked (for example, the parent dog’s appearance,
size, characteristics, etc.), high-level consultation from a professional counselor is essential.


Phone Number (Korean)
+82 10-4867-7111

Overseas Customer Counseling
+82 10 2133 0802 (WhatsApp)






* In addition to the Instagram accounts above, posts uploaded by DDPET are tagged with one of the three accounts above.
Please check carefully and be careful of impersonation.

All DDPET employees have more than 10 years of dog-related experience
and are still running DDPET KENNEL. And based on that experience
and our own know-how, we predict the puppy’s growth.

We provide high-quality consultations professionally in order to introduce
a good dog that can fit into the customer’s taste and lifestyle and fit into that life.

Additionally, you can always request confirmation of the company’s existence
and the dog’s existence through video call, and we are also doing our best to instill trust in our customers.

If you suspect fraud, ask for as many photos and videos as possible!
Scammers do not have many photos or videos of a single dog,
so they are limited in how much information they can provide.
Video calling is one of the best ways to prevent fraud.

DDPET is located in Suwon, South Korea, and has completed all legal procedures required for animal care/adoption.
We have an obligation to show all relevant information to our customers.

You must check the actual shop and the dog through a video call. Please be cautious about
adoption procedures that do not include such a process. If you suspect a scam using DDPET’s data,
please contact DDPET’s official contact information.