We operate our own kennels in the top 0.1% of the world through collaboration with top breeders overseas and domestically.

We strictly adhere to the standards (health/appearance/personality, etc.) that meet the direction pursued by DDPET
and the needs of our customers, and produce dogs that are superior and of an outstanding level in all areas.

And we aim only at the right adoption that suits the customer’s environment and tastes.
We absolutely avoid breeding for the sole purpose of money.

We are trying to improve the existing negative pet adoption culture and
contribute to the development of a healthy and proper pet culture.

What is a good dog?

A good dog is a healthy dog that fits the customer’s tast
and lifestyle and has been raised in a good environment.
Since everyone’s tastes and living environments are different,
the standard for a good dog is inevitably relative.



Direction to pursue

A dog with tendencies and characteristics that can
blend well into the customer’s lifestyle.
A dog that suits the customer’s taste both when
they are young and when they become adult.



High Level Counseling

We confidently say that a dog that can satisfy all of these
conditions is the standard for a good dog.
We provide detailed 1:1 counseling to understand our
customer detailed needs and introduce them to good dogs

The ultimate goal of the “DD” brand is

“Contributing to the formation of a diverse pet culture/life.”

What if you join DDPET’s family?


You can use the “DD Membershin” service onerated and provided huthe “OD” brand

“DD’ s unique premium membership system differentiated fromother pet -related services

 As the pet industry, including pet infrastructure/amenities and communities,
grows, the services available throught “DD Membership” will continue to increase.